At polyCure we can offer the following services:

  • UV/EB coating custom design
  • Toll manufacturing formulated lacquers
  • Chemical blending and repacking
  • Consultancy especially in the field of UV/EB
  • Customer confidentiality

Manufacturers of quality UV/EB coatings and toll manufacturing servicesManufacturers of quality UV/EB coatings and toll manufacturing services

PolyCure Solutions Ltd is in the field of toll manufacturing, managed by personnel with over 50 years experience within the chemical industry.

The company is run by personnel with over 50 years of experience, specialising in the UV/EB area.

Our production facility is suited to the specific needs for manufacturing in grams, kilos and tonnes. Our chemical process equipment and process expertise can help you reduce costs and shorten your product development time. We have procedures and best practices in place to handle all chemical groups, and have developed a best-practice approach to health and safety.

The approach taken at PolyCure is to provide a unique, professional service to our customers offering the best in quality control, technical assistance, customer service and health and safety awareness.

We can provide laboratory research, process development and multi-tiered scale up from pilot batch to full scale commercial production.

Our plant has over 6000 square feet of manufacturing, laboratory and warehouse floor space all under one roof. We have production vessels from 25Ltr pails to 3000Kgs. Our production director is available to reconfigure our equipment, or install customer supplied equipment to accommodate your specific needs.

Our customer base extends from those with limited manufacturing capabilities to some of the most well-known, global chemical producers. Projects are typically conducted under confidentiality agreements.

Project pricing depends on the nature and scope of work, but we can offer fixed or volume based prices.